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Women Make Great Leaders

There’s an undeniable and oft-proven statistic out there: The more diverse an organization, the better it works. Period. More specifically, more women in leadership means more profitability.

It’s 2017. Do we still need to say this and do studies to prove it? Harvard Working Knowledge author, Jill Griffin, has taken a different route, a positive and powerful one that draws on the experiences of successful women who have blazed a trail for others to follow. The result? Women Make Great Leaders: Real World Lessons to Accelerate Your Climb (July 1, 2017).


The list of great women who lent their stories to the book runs the gamut: from Presidential Medal of Freedom Recipient Frances Hesselbein to titans of industry and wildly successful entrepreneurs. All have much in common: bravery, the willingness to step out of line, a strong belief in themselves, great relationship building skills, and much more. These are women who have beaten the odds. Early on, they heard the whispers....the inner-call to leadership.

Jill Griffin

They answered, and continue to answer it, with fierce passion---and the courage, boldness and resilience required to rise to the next level and the next, and the next.

They continually polish their talent with a capacity to work really hard, help others succeed, and play the game fair and honest. They never lose sight that their purpose is to be kind, generous, and to dare greatly to make the world a better place. These women are doers and risk takers. They face their fears head-on. When they misstep, they pick themselves up and use the lesson to inform their steps forward. Along the way, they are patient with the ebb and flow of life. Many become devoted wives, partners and mothers while still building careers and influence. They all remain true to their work as leaders in the world, carrying it out with the grace, diplomacy and fortitude it requires. Welcome to the lessons these amazing women teach us.

Griffin combines her extensive knowledge of the business world, personal branding, and years of personal success with advice from a multitude of wise counselors and experts to produce a book for women leaders who aspire to do and be more. The book’s hopeful and positive tone resonates with possibilities. Readers will walk away from this book with a can-do attitude and strategies and tips about how to be their best.

Are you ready to rise to new and even greater heights? Jill Griffin and the wise women in this book can help.

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