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Disrupting for Good

Using Passion and Persistence to Create Lasting Change
By Chris Field

Chris Field’s Disrupting for Good (Leafwood publishers, March 13, 2018) takes away the last excuse any of us have for stepping out and at least trying to change the world. 

The stories in the book of regular people doing remarkable things both challenge and encourage. 

The most important takeaway? You can choose to be a disruptor, which means you have the ability to change your world and the world. Yes, you. Within you right now is everything you need to start living out the dreams you have never dared to say out loud.

This is the truth—independent of your age, wealth, race, education, personality type, marital status, or current job.  This is not a motivational book, although Chris hopes it will motivate you.

Disrupting For Good by Chris Field

This is not an inspirational book, although he certainly hopes it will inspire you. This is not a self-help or “get rich” book, although he hopes it will be helpful (and some, no doubt, will certainly use these principles to make more money). Instead, this is a book about dreaming, visioning, daring, and doing (with an emphasis on the doing), because our world is in desperate need of people who will talk less and do more—people who will not simply ask good questions but who will begin to contribute great answers.

"Just because it has never been done before does not mean you should not do it.”

Disrupting for Good is a book filled with plenty of tales of people rattling the cages of reality and stomping on the status quo. These are stories of ordinary people who chose to become disruptors. These are people who are no different from you and me.  They’re not all billionaires. They are not famous. They are just people who have decided to do something. The rock in their shoe got to be too much to bear. Fixing what’s broken is the only option. 

"My life was changed forever when my willingness to dream and take chances outgrew my fear of failure.”  

For anyone who has ever wanted more, for the person who goes to bed wondering why it all matters, for those in the world who think there has to be more to life than this, for anyone who sits in a cubicle dreaming of freedom, for everyone who sees tragedy or calamity and wishes they could fix it, for all who hunger to live a life in which their best gifts and talents are being used to the max—this book is for you.  

It is time for you to do a cannonball off the cliffs of complacency. Are you ready?   
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