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About  Dennis

After reading some of Dennis’ work, George Gallup Jr. had this salient advice for him: “Whatever you do, Dennis, be a writer.” During his tenure as VP and Publicity Director at Cave Henricks Communications, Dennis did just that… promoting authors' work and writing and editing many blogs and guest columns for,, Change This, and others. He worked on several bestsellers and established tremendous relationships both with publishers and the media.

Whatever You Do... Be a Writer

He also served as a Senior Staff Writer at The Gallup Organization. Gallup’s Chief Marketing Officer called him “one of the top 5 writers in the company.” He has written a memoir: Rich People Shop Here. And, he has a book about the power of words, titled "So... what are you saying?"


He is currently President and CEO of Articulate, a company specializing in PR and Communications. He is excited about helping people with important ideas communicate more clearly and using his experience and relationships to bring attention to their work.

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