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Reputation Shift

Lessons from Pit Road to the Board Room
By Mike Mooney

What people think and say about us really can make or break us.
And, in many ways our reputations are more vulnerable than ever.
Social media has allowed people to say virtually anything about our
actions or our products or services and suddenly it becomes a
firestorm, torching everything in its path. By the time we douse the
flames the damage is already done.

But, there’s good news from longtime NASCAR industry
communications executive, Mike Mooney. In Reputation Shift:
Lessons from Pit Road to the Boardroom
(Entrepreneur Press,
October 2018) he offers practical lessons gleaned from a career spent
protecting and reviving reputations that are worth millions.


But isn’t it true that all of our reputations are priceless? If you were to be asked right now how much yours is worth, what would you say? It’s hard to put a monetary value on something that you may think is intangible, isn’t it? But, if your reputation were damaged or ruined, you’d be willing to pay almost anything to get it back. And, that’s one of the ironies around reputations: We typically don’t pay much attention to its value until we’ve
paid a price.


Technology and social media have radically shifted the landscape and added new challenges to reputation management. Much of today’s version of personal reputation management centers on Search Engine Optimization - essentially ‘how to bury the bad news’ instead of focusing on the core behavior that caused the issue in the first place. Digital strategies will never solve analog problems!

There’s significant shift in empowerment when
asking “What if?” instead of asking “What now?”

Mooney says it’s high time for a shift in how we view, manage, and value our
reputations. On a day-to-day, minute-to-minute basis we are responsible for walking circumspectly and doing the right thing as best as we know how. Consistently living our values and acting upon them will ultimately lead to a great reputation and a great life, with all of the benefits of doing so.


“Technology has an amazing
way of increasing velocity.”


Reputation Shift provides readers with the roadmap for just how to do that. It delivers both wisdom and practicality, offering five essential truths for leaders to succeed in today’s Reputation Economy. Mooney has created a personal values-based and action-oriented approach to developing, managing and protecting our most valuable asset.


To learn more, please visit


“The book of Proverbs says that a good name is better than silver. But I know from experience that you have to work hard and be diligent to keep it once you have it. And, if you get selfish or careless, you will pay a price, especially these days. If you want to build a great reputation, Mike Mooney has put all the tools you’ll need in one place. Reputation Shift is wise, and it’s practical.


I highly recommend it.”

Darrell Waltrip, NASCAR Hall of Fame Driver and FOX Sports Analyst
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