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Generation Why Not?

Seven Principles to a purposeful business and life, driven by attitude not age.
By Ruth Klein

 Every now and then there is a profound societal shift, one that leaves a great gulf that is fixed between what was and what is. Author and speaker, Ruth Klein, identifies the latest seismic shift in her new book, Generation Why Not?® and then offers practical and doable exercises to navigate this new demographic shift. 

This new demographic shift, Generation Why Not? is allowing women and men to honor who they are and not using their birthdates as roadblocks to stop them from reaching their dreams to start a new business; create strong and innovative teams, change careers, start a second or third career or up-level their businesses and lives two to ten-fold and beyond. 

Generation Why Not?® explores the critical balance we all seek personally and within our businesses; and to newly define what a purposeful business and life means and how to achieve it. 

Klein says that success begins not with the external circumstances but with 

an internal code she calls Quantum Synchronicity®. If we can bring 

ourselves to believe that anything is possible and we are in alignment with 

what can be for us, then it is so. 

Generation Why Not®? find their beliefs to be their greatest source of motivation, rather than their greatest source of limitation. 

Progress toward the life and career we want begins with taking small steps in order to create positive momentum. Successful people in the new normal 

are going to be the ones that overcome their fears and their negative self- talk and then step out to start toward what can be. 

Generation Why Not®? takes 100% responsibility for their words, thoughts, decisions, actions and life. 

This book will give you the tools you need to produce powerful and life-changing results. Imagine yourself creating and then living the life you have always wanted: Unapologetically bold, authentically you, doing what you are designed to do and loving it. Chasing down your dreams and even creating new ones.

Ruth Klein says that’s completely doable and ideas are only as good as their 

implementation. She can show you how. 

To learn more, go to: 

Title: Generation Why Not 

Author: Ruth Klein


Ruth Klein has a unique ability to create a better tomorrow for herself and those around her. 

Her parents were Holocaust survivors and she heard the stories around her dinner table as a youngster. Her family worked hard and built a thriving business of their own. She saw firsthand what can be done when we remember the past but use it as a springboard to build the life we dream of. 

Today, Ruth is an in-demand brand strategist and life coach. She is president of the award-winning firm, Expert Celebrity™ Branding, a results-oriented performance strategic branding and marketing firm. 

Her author clients have hosted PBS Specials, receive paid speaking gigs & create 6 & multi-6 figure businesses all centered around their book & expertise. 

She holds a Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology, a Master’s Degree in Spiritual Psychology and is the author of six best-selling books. 

Ruth has appeared in O: The Oprah Magazine and has been interviewed in The Wall Street Journal, The Chicago Tribune, Family Circle, Reader’s Digest and Washington Post. 

She lives in Santa Monica, California. 

About Ruth Klein


Ruth Klein’s new book, Generation Why Not?, delivers a powerful and practical message that comes as welcome news: It’s a new day and the old rules and limitations don’t apply anymore. We can be whatever we want to be no matter our age or circumstances. No excuses. 

It’s time to dream big and then get started! Generation Why Not? can show you how. 

 Jill Griffin, Best-Selling Author of Customer Loyalty: How to Earn It, How to Keep It 

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