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The Spirit of Hospitality

How to Add the Missing Ingredients Your Business Needs
By Larry Stuart

Some authors study a subject and then write a book about it. But Larry Stuart has lived his subject. He has spent a lifetime serving others at the highest level and seeing the outsized impact of doing so. In his new book, The Spirit of Hospitality: How to Add the Missing Ingredient Your Business Needs (Morgan James, December 11, 2018), he reminds us of the lost art of servanthood, the power of putting others first, and the economics of doing so for every organization. 

Every company wants more engaged customers. Research has proven that an engaged customer is very different from one who is only satisfied. Engaged customers keep coming back; they are more tolerant of mistakes; they tend to spend more; and they share their excitement with their friends. 

Stuart lays out the case with stories and insight drawn from his more than 30 years in the hospitality business. His conclusion is clear and inarguable: The secret ingredient to building a tribe of highly engaged advocates of your brand and your products is the spirit of hospitality. 

And, make no mistake: the serving of others has to be the primary driver and it must be in the DNA of your organization. Money will come, but if the only reason you decide to do this is because of money you will find it unsustainable. The cart may be money, but the horse is kindness. 

Disrupting For Good by Chris Field

"If you want your organization to make more money, serve your customers. Stay ahead of their needs. Meet them before they ask.”

Stuart also makes clear that technology and robots cannot do what Stuart identifies as the 7 critical elements of the spirit of hospitality: 

•    Kindness
•    Humility
•    Encouragement
•    Generosity
•    Gratitude
•    Accountability
•    Unity 

All seven provide the integral character needed for the spirit of hospitality to do its best work. The Spirit of Hospitality discusses each one in detail, first defining it, and then offering practical advice about how to improve it. It’s a heart centered message that reminds us that a kinder and gentler world is not only possible, but critical to success in both business and our personal lives on a daily basis.  
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“The winning formula is simple and achievable: LOVE your customers. SERVE them unconditionally. WIN their hearts.”

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