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Grace Revealed

Finding God's Strength in Any Crisis
By Fred Sievert

It has been said that there are no atheists in foxholes. It’s true. When the slings and arrows of life start flying, most of us start thinking out of the box about where help and reinforcements might come from. Oftentimes, that help comes from above in the most remarkable way. 

What about you? Has life worn you down? 

Are you weary of remembering past mistakes?

Have you been kicked in the teeth by illness? By the mistakes of others? By being an occupant of this planet?

Are you in crisis?

Then Fred Sievert’s new book, Grace Revealed (Broadstreet, January 2017) is for you.

Disrupting For Good by Chris Field

Grace Revealed is a powerful collection of true stories of people who have recovered from debilitating illnesses, addictions, and trauma through God’s grace—when nothing or no one else seemed able to help them. They were in the foxhole, so to speak, with a hail of bullets flying all around them. Then, grace appeared. Love and healing showed up. 

"At some point everyone is in a crisis.”

Disrupting for Good is a book filled with plenty of tales of people rattling the cages of reality and stomping on the status quo. These are stories of ordinary people who chose to become disruptors. These are people who are no different from you and me.  They’re not all billionaires. They are not famous. They are just people who have decided to do something. The rock in their shoe got to be too much to bear. Fixing what’s broken is the only option. 

"Once again, Fred Sievert shows us how to take the most defining choices of Christianity seriously. These stories and discussions of strong episodes of ego, forgiveness, redemption, and love trace the arc of authentic seeking. Guidance from biblical sources, psychology, and theology deepens the analysis further." 
Laura Nash, PhD, former faculty member, Harvard Business School and Harvard Divinity School  

There is a strong feeling readers will get as they meet others like themselves who have been in trouble, either by their own making or circumstances beyond their control. They’ll be encouraged and heartened by: 

  • A corporate executive who served nine months in a prison camp for fraud and then became a Christ follower via urging from his guardian angel, a woman he had known years earlier who had died. He now lectures to others about his transformative experience and current service to other Christians. 

  • An award-winning triathlete who overcame breast cancer in 2008, as well as bulimia, and has since competed in the World Triathlon Grand Final in Mexico. She has written several books and is a frequent lecturer and contributor to radio and television shows.

  • A Vietnam veteran who was diagnosed with PTSD after returning from his tour of duty, forever haunted by the carnage he witnessed. He has established a nonprofit organization through which he helps other war veterans heal.

  • A successful corporate attorney who couldn’t cope with the pressure and burden of his workload and found Christ when his emotional state hit a dangerous low point. He then left his position as a highly successful attorney to attend divinity school, became ordained, and has been a pastor of one of the largest churches in Connecticut for nineteen years. His passion now is to enhance youth ministry throughout the United States and beyond.

Grace. We all could use more of it, and the truth is there is no end to it. We simply need to ask. 

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