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Five Bold Choices


It’s just part of the deal. No matter how hard we try, sometimes circumstances throw up a road block and we have to figure out a way forward.

And, as always, it comes down to this: what are we going to do about it?

Co-author Jay Coughlan was confronted with a personal hell that started with making a terrible choice to drive home after drinking with his dad. This decision resulted in a horrific car crash that killed his father, leaving Jay injured and devastated. In his darkest hour, he found forgiveness and discovered the strength to go forward. Though the road ahead was no picnic, it would eventually lead him from convicted felon to successful CEO.

Jay Coughlan & Larry Julian

Bestselling author Larry Julian also had his share of struggles, being turned down by publishers 19 times before writing and publishing the bestseller, God is My CEO.
No one seeks trials but they oftentimes put us on a pathway toward realizing our true purpose and potential.    
Let’s face it-there are times in all of our lives where, at one juncture or another, we all feel stuck. Whether these moments are self-inflicted or simply a result of our own limiting beliefs and fears, we have to act. These times are critical crossroads. We can stay there and be right there literally the rest of our lives or we can figure out the way forward.

Enter FIVE BOLD CHOICES: Rise Above Your Circumstances and Redefine Your Life (Broadstreet, January 2017).  It is a terrific tool that lays out in encouraging and practical detail a plan to break free from the barriers that prevent us from realizing our untapped potential. Julian and Coughlan have identified five areas that must be addressed and each presents us with a critical choice:  

CLARITY - Keeping the important things important

ACCOUNTABILITY - Taking responsibility for your life journey

ADAPTABILITY - Personal change precedes practical change

CONFIDENCE - Keeping your thoughts in proper perspective

BALANCE - Choosing the harder right over the easier wrong

It asks two powerful questions whose answers are keys to what can be next for us: What if the very things you fear and avoid are the very portals of your success and significance as a leader at work and at home? And, what if those hurdles are really stepping stones to your best life?

It’s your story. You get to write the rest of it, starting today. Five Bold Choices will show you how.

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