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Women, Language & Power

Giving Voice to Our Ambition
By Susannah Baldwin

All the evidence is in and the findings are clear: Organizations with women leaders are more profitable and more successful. An extensive 19-year study of 215 Fortune 500 firms shows a strong correlation between promoting women into the executive suite and high profitability. Three measures of profitability were used to demonstrate that the 25 Fortune 500 firms with the best record of promoting women to high positions are between 18 and 69 percent more profitable than the median Fortune 500 firms in their industries. This raises two issues – why are so few women rising and succeeding at higher levels and what should organizations be doing to actually help them advance.

Susannah Baldwin, Ph.D., author and executive coach says the answer lies in the language women use and how they use it.


The increasing presence and prominence of women in positions of power—positions in which they must be listened to and acted upon—is evidence that we have voices and the right to use them to achieve our own unique goals in the workplace. However, women have been socialized specifically to speak in ways that put them at a disadvantage at work.

Susannah Baldwin has been using her considerable skills as an executive coach, trainer, leader, and communicator for many years to explore and address this issue. Her book, Women, Language, and Power represents the distillation of her work to expand women’s power through the strategic use of language.

The book will help you learn why women tend to speak the way they do and when it’s wise to reach for new language choices.

Readers will learn about communication styles that can accelerate their effectiveness such as the HES framework, an effective structure for making assertions.

  • Headline- Answers the question, What do I believe?

  • Explanation- Answers the question, Why do I believe my headline statement?

  • Support- Answers the question, How can I validate my belief?

Baldwin also introduces readers to a framework that helps women prepare for important conversations that might be difficult, giving them time to think through what they want to say and exactly how to communicate in the conversation. ‘The Foundational Five’ of effective communication:

  • Who is the audience and what are their goals, priorities, or interests?

  • What is your goal for the conversation?

  • What is the relevant context?

  • What is your strategy?

  • What are the most important sentences you want to assert clearly and without modifiers?

Through the research and resources Susannah provides in Women, Language, and Power, you will learn the most important thing that an able and ambitious woman needs to know:

How to get things done through words.

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Women’s reluctance to self-promote manifests in multiple ways, sometimes extreme and always at a cost to career advancement.

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