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A Mom’s Guide to Help Her Daughter Find and Follow Her Dreams
By Neisha Hernandez

It has been said that parenting is not for the faint of heart. Whoever said that had no idea what this new century would bring. New dangers, new temptations, new discouragements and loads of naysayers all await the kids
today and are picking them off one by one before they can achieve their dreams and become what God intended for them to be. A generation of talented and amazing people are being lost and loving parents seem helpless to save them. It’s a meaner world, no doubt.

Into this maelstrom comes author Neisha Hernandez with her new book aimed straight at the parents of girls, Shine: A Mom’s Guide to Help Her Daughter Find and Follow Her Dreams (Morgan James Publishing, June, 2019). It is filled from cover to cover with answers and hope. It promises to be a heartfelt handbook for raising great women for decades to
come. It is filled with wisdom drawn from Neisha’s almost quarter century as a dance studio owner and instructor. In that most perfect of all laboratories she has watched thousands of young girls and their moms pass through, gotten to know them, learned all about their issues and seen
firsthand what works and what doesn’t.

There’s page after page of sage parenting advice that is doable and makes sense. For example, ask your daughter to tell you her dream. No

judgement. Maybe let them draw a picture of the dream to accompany it. The important part of all of this is to teach them the process of getting to their destination. Help them begin to visualize their dream. Encourage them to journal about it and get specific about the details of their dream.  

Spend time visualizing it. See success. Encourage her to visualize about it right before she goes to sleep and then dream about it.

Identify your three most important values and then align yourself and your family with organizations that are reflective of those values. Align yourself first and your daughter will follow.

Write love notes to your kids. Tell them how great they are every day. They need to hear it in the sometimes cynical world we live in. Fill one side of the scale with good and kind things so that the other doesn’t tip them all when it lands, as it surely will.

Shine is a character-building treatise that gives hope to parents about what is possible for their kids and then shows them how to help them achieve it. It lets them know that other parents have used the Shine GPS model and they have raised great people who are out in the world and using
all their gifts and talents to the fullest.


They are achieving their dreams.

We choose our path and how to get there. Every decision minute by minute is important to keeping us on track. The people we associate with are either lifting us up or tearing us down. The message of Shine is that if we choose wisely, the journey will be a beautiful one, one that ends at the desired destination.

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About Neisha Hernandez

Neisha Hernandez has been blessed from a very early age with the voices of success all around her. “Every time I was in my car with my dad as a very young girl, he would play success tapes by Earl Nightingale and Dennis Waitley and Zig Ziglar and others. I probably didn’t appreciate it at the time but I realized later that he was pouring the ideas of success into me every day. It was priceless.” Her dad and mom also modeled success for her in every way.

Born in South Carolina, but raised in San Diego from the age of 5, Neisha dreamed early on of being a dancer. Her love of dance and music began early in life and the arts became her life and her living. After a few years teaching for other studios, she launched her own in 1996 and has thrived to this day. It is a place that not only teaches young girls how to dance, but how to live.

She forged deep and lasting relationships with both the parents and the kids. She has seen the struggles of parenting in today’s world, not only as a dance instructor, but also as a parent of 4 kids herself. Over the past 23 years she has been a keen observer of what works and what doesn’t. The unique laboratory she works in every day has allowed her to watch girls develop from childhood into young women and what she has seen has encouraged her to be an encourager to other parents. She has even developed the Shine GPS System, a roadmap for success that she is sharing with the world in her first book, Shine: A Mom’s Guide to Help Her
Daughter Find and Follow Her Dreams
, publishing in the summer of 2019.


Her hope for the book? “I hope that moms will read this and pat themselves on the back and say, ‘You know what? I really am doing a good job. I need to stop worrying so much,” she says. “And maybe they’ll dive in and apply these ideas and really help their daughters soar and become all that they can be.” Her big, audacious goal is to equip 1 million moms to help their daughters live a life of great love, great service, and great purpose.

Neisha lives in Chula Vista California and is married to Bernard. They have four children.

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"Kids are not a distraction from the important work. Kids
are the important work.”

C.S. Lewis

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