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Leadership Unchained

Defy Conventional Wisdom for Breakthrough Performance
By Sara Canaday

What if the leadership practices we’ve worked so hard to master are now getting in the way? In fact, what if they are actually holding us down and preventing us from leading for growth and innovation?

Forget “what if.” It’s happening.

The rules for leadership success haven’t just changed. They’ve radically evolved to accommodate a modern business landscape that’s strangely fluid and requires a more nuanced approach for competing at a higher level.

Here’s the unvarnished truth: The traditional, etched-in-stone
wisdom that molded leadership for years has become increasingly less effective. In fact, in some cases, it’s even impeding progress for the most talented professionals. For those who’ve always relied on conventional approaches to achieve superior performance, this new reality may be shocking.

Think about that.

For the past century, business experts and behavioral scientists identified for us the guiding principles for effective leadership. Many of us worked hard to perfect those competencies. We learned them. We applied them. We practiced them. We programmed our brains and our behaviors to take the well-worn path of what worked in the past. It was a simple, direct equation that consistently got results. In that paradigm, two plus two usually equaled four.

But now the leadership role is experiencing a metamorphosis in every sense of the word. Its tried-and-true competencies are being tested (and sometimes even crushed) in our chaotic, digitally connected, globally competitive world. In the context of this new business environment,
the old rules simply don’t have the same impact.

"Leaders now recognize they can’t possibly seize unexpected opportunities and take full advantage of today’s innovative technology if they are relying on old patterns."

So what’s the solution?

Unfortunately, it’s not as simple as throwing out the old competencies and learning new ones.

It’s about recognizing which approach will maximize our performance in a particular situation.

We need to develop the insights to know when to follow the conventional leadership rules that still work— and when to defiantly break them.

"We can’t allow the thoughts and habits that were pivotal in our past success to become the chains that hold us down in the future."

If you’re a current or future leader, this book can become your game-changing guide to the new era of modern leadership—the kind that’s no longer tethered to standard operating procedures and not afraid to redefine the rules.

You’ll learn to recognize the old-rule chains that bind us and the reasons they may be blocking your forward progress. You’ll discover solutions to break free from those chains and the new habits that are catapulting modern leaders to incredible heights of achievement. Plus, you’ll explore strategies for breakthrough performance that will help you incorporate the powerful, new rules for leadership success. And if you learn to apply those valuable insights? You’ll have a real advantage in navigating today’s ultra-complex business landscape with its constantly evolving innovations. You’ll be better equipped to take on new challenges in delightfully unexpected ways. And with each step, you’ll dramatically increase your odds to produce extraordinary results.

Let go of your dependence on the old rules, and break free. Leadership Unchained can show you how.

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"Great leaders are not born, they're made...and they constantly re-make themselves to meet evolving business challenges. Leadership Unchained is the perfect blueprint for becoming the kind of leader you've always wanted to be—and that your people deserve."

Jeff Haden 
Inc. Magazine Contributing Editor  
Best-Selling Author of The Motivation Myth: How High Achievers Really Set Themselves Up to Win 

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