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Heroic Ownership

So, you’ve built a business. You’ve taken all the necessary risks and you have succeeded. The statistics said that your chances of failure were much higher than the chances for success. You’ve laid bare your heart and soul, lost a good bit of sleep, and spent more time than you can calculate pondering the issues you faced and solving them. 

Hopefully you have built a great team along the way. You actually love these people. They have saddled up and ridden along with you through the good and the bad times. You’ve celebrated the victories and maybe wept a little when things didn’t work out as you had planned.  

We Were Yahoo!

Let’s face it. Very few people have a chance to go to the moon. But, figuratively speaking, Jeremy Ring did just that.

When he strapped himself into his seat at Yahoo! in 1996, he couldn’t have known where the journey would take him. The truth is, no one knew where it was going, but Ring’s job was to build a sales force on the East coast and to do it, at least at the beginning, out of his Hoboken, New Jersey apartment. A tall order that he pulled off with stunning success.

The Beauty of Conflict


Most of us avoid it like crazy. But what if harnessing conflict was our best chance to build championship teams that produce greatness?  

But here’s the problem: Most people weren’t trained in doing this nor were we provided good models growing up.

The truth is, most people think conflict can only be painful and an impediment to work, so they make conscious choices to avoid, manage, or defuse it by choosing to either overpower the situation to end and win an argument or going silent to keep the peace.