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Five Bold Choices

Adversity. It’s just part of the deal. No matter how hard we try, sometimes circumstances throw up a road block and we have to figure out a way forward.

And, as always, it comes down to this: what are we going to do about it?

Women Make Great Leaders

There’s an undeniable and oft-proven statistic out there: The more diverse an organization, the better it works. Period. More specifically, more women in leadership means more profitability.

It’s 2017. Do we still need to say this and do studies to prove it?

Trade Up

There’s a big lie out there that is so easy to believe and buy into: Money and things will make you happy and fill the longing that gnaws at your soul.

Dean Niewolny believed it and set about getting everything he could and rising as high as possible. Before too long he had it all: houses, money, cars, toys, everything.
But one day, looking out the 40th floor of his office in downtown Chicago, it finally occurred to him what all of his smoldering discontent was really asking: “Is this all there is?”